Taurus horoscope is right on target today

Taurus horoscope


Taurus Daily Horoscope

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The answers are always in the stars and the planets, how they are positioned in the Galaxy, and their alignment. Sometimes that impacts our major decisions and uncertainties. What might be good for one is not that great for another.

Taurus horoscope is right on target today. Check it out and revisit your travel plans.
Venice sunsets.

January 25, 2022:The most important journey for you right now might be one of self-knowledge. As wandering Mercury returns to your 9th House of Travel today, you may need to review your plans for an upcoming trip. Any misunderstandings can probably be resolved in your favor as long as you put in the effort. What you might have to work out on your own, though, is whether or not you still want to go. Ask yourself if what you want has substantially changed lately and act accordingly.

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