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Life in Taksim Square, Istanbul , Turkey. A glimpse into Istanbul’s most chaotic, full of hustle & bustle yet interestingly artistic & leisurely district. dscf9254Taksim from a distancedscf9256dscf9260Taksim in the background with the waving Turkish flag

dscf9270Taksim Tower dscf9274dscf9276dscf9278Pedestrian avenues

dscf9280dscf9282Lively Street music

dscf9285dscf9287dscf9288dscf9289Love this graffiti art on the right wall

dscf9292So many people, typical summer day in Taksim, Istanbul! dscf9293dscf9294dscf9296Tram wagon moving concertdscf9301


Welcome to  Taksim, Istanbul! This main Turkish square, also known to be modern Istanbul,  is filled with restaurants, shops, hotels, people and is surrounded by creative street art. I loved making my way to Taksim from the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, it is quite a walk but enjoyable especially on such a nice day.

Although the Taksim’s tram line is available to get to one point to another along the avenue, I enjoyed photographing the wagons in the midst of pedestrians. Some tram wagons serve…

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