Happy Easter 

Easter customs in Europe


Happy Easter to all. Easter Sunday is the biggest holiday in the Catholic year following weeks of preparation and transformation in Lent.

Saint Pat’s Church in Parnell

Czech Republic also celebrates Easter Monday with the age old tradition of “schmigrust” or whipping of girls and women with willow branches in exchange for eggs and ribbons.
In Slovak Republic girls are doused with water or colognes.

With joy in our hearts we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
However in many cultures around the world it is also the celebration of spring and new life.

We rejoice with nature awakening from long winter sleep.

Watch for Earth day observation on Saturday, April 22.

Don’t forget to plant something.

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Installing water filters in Haiti

Haiti on the rebound


Inspiring communities

Note: This is the fist installment in the Inspiring Communities series featuring men and women who inspire us in our communities to help other people achieve well-being in a money-driven world. Nominate a person who has inspired you.

Arctic Heating & Cooling owner Evert Bek

Local businessman helps install water filters on Haiti, where water is the
Elixir of life

By Emma Palova
EW Emma’s Writings

Lowell, MI- At the best, a running water system on the forgotten island of La Gonave off Haiti consists of a cistern tipped upside down with a hose that leads through the window inside a hut.

However, most often you will see a container full of dirty rain water known as the municipal well. The villagers haul water in buckets on donkeys or on their heads.
Usually when tested, the water is full of coliform bacteria, which causes cholera, according to Lowell…

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