Krasne jaro

Celebrate the first day of spring in style with good food and desserts.


U CJ Tety Jarmilky je kazdy den svatek.

Preji vsem zakaznicim krasne jaro. Prohlednete si moji jarni nabidku peceni. Zkontaktujte me na ohledne Vasich slavnostnich prilezitosti.

Jaro prinasi novou silu do zivota a energii. Vyuzijeme ji dnes k zdokonaleni nasich kazdodennich zazitku.


U CJ Tety Jarmilky je kazdy den svatek.


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Stormed out

Storms on Great Lakes.


Mother Nature shows her way leaving devastation behind

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

Hastings, MI- As I drove north to Lowell through the Barry County farmlands on Wednesday, 54-mile wind gusts were throwing the small orange Dart across the country road. Broken limbs and twigs were hitting the dancing car in the wind.

The forecast didn’t sound as bad as it was, otherwise I would have stayed at the “Pala fortress” near the Yankee Springs Recreation Area.

We stationed ourselves at the “fortress” for a week-long stint last Saturday to watch the grand kids. Our son Jake with wife Maranda took off to Bali, Indonesia to celebrate his 30th birthday.

Early spring storms in the Midwest on the Great Lakes can be vicious with freezing rain and power outages lasting for days. These however make for beautiful waves and vistas on the nearby Lake Michigan.

Above photos of the…

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