Travel ban with Middle East

Share your thoughts on the travel ban.


Share your thoughts on president Donald Trump ‘s travel ban with the Middle East countries.

According to experts, the executive order banning travel and immigration from the Middle East countries for 90 days is unconstitutional.

President Donald Trump

White House officials stated Mr. Trump’s executive order is for safety and security of the USA, according to major media networks.

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About Costa Rica

Visit Costa Rica in 2017

Plan your trip into the Central American paradise now during the dry season. The town of Jaco bustles with activity.

jaco nightlife (2).jpg

Links about Costa Rica

Lokal Travel’s Upcoming Epic Trips to the Osa Peninsula

Watch for more links and photos from this Central American paradise.

Krasny novy rok 2017

Let’s make 2017 the “Sweet Year” when our dreams come true. Let’s make it happen.


Sladky rok 2017

Preji vsem v novem roce hodne spokojenosti a radosti z kazdeho sebemensiho okamziku nebot nikdy netrva dlouho.

Vsem zakaznicim dekuji za uspesny rok 2016.

Tesim se na vsechny svatky a specielni udalosti kterymi okraslime kazdy den.

Vzdyt kazdy novy den je duvod k oslave nadherne prirody a bohatosti nasi duse.

Nenechte minout jediny den bez povsimnuti jeho krasy.

Pripravuji novy vyber sladkosti na rok 2017.

Nezapominejte na svatky a vyroci. Prichazi brzy Svaty Valentyn totiz svatek lasky.

Prohlidnete si moji CJ Aunt Jarmilka’s Desserts nabidku.

Preji sladky rok 2017 vsem. Necht mir prevlada svetem.

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Happy New Year 2017

Happy travels in 2017. A sincere thanks to all my readers from around the world.


I would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year 2017. May all your dreams come true in the upcoming year. May it bring peace and love around the world.

Let it fill us with joy.

On this last day of the year 2016, known in Czech Republic as Silvester, my heart goes out to my readers around the world.

A sincere thank you to all my followers  for a very fruitful 2016 filled with deep appreciation for the passion to write.I am thankful for the ability to transform the human experience into stories.

You motivate and inspire me on my writing journey every day. You make me who I am.

Love always,


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