Velikonoce 2016 Easter

Czech Easter traditions.


Objednavejte si vcas Vase Velikonocni cukrovi u CJ Tety Jarmilky. Mam tradicni zakusky i novy sortiment. Oblibene vzdy jsou plnene trubicky a kolacky. Kontakt Order in time f…

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Spring breaks in Florida

Totally cool spring break with surprises and humor.


Spring breaks bring discoveries and surprises

By Emma Palova

St. Petersburg, FL- I’ve made many new discoveries this year during my annual writer’s break on the Gulf Coast. I spend some time in St. Pete’s with the family in a big blue house close to the beach on Tierra Verde.

The 5,600 square feet house had no furniture except for an old couch. The five bedrooms did have beds, most of them were queen or king size. And there were smart TVs. Big smart TVs. You sat on the floor to watch the TV.

The house had two flights of stairs, one of them was spiral, probably inspired by Salvador Dali. Sitting on the couch, you could watch from the top all those who were coming up a long bridge-like walkway. It took people forever to come to the only sitting area in the entire house.

St. Pete's beach St. Pete’s beach


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The Covered Bridge Experience

Check this out. Visit with us year round.

Fallasburg Today

Come visit with us year round

By Emma Palova

Fallasburg, MI-Here are some facts about the Fallasburg Covered Bridge. The bridge is located in Kent County in Michigan, approximately five miles north of Lowell.

The original bridge was built in 1871 across the Flat River. Much like its sister bridges it fell victim to high water and spring ice jams. Jared Bressee of Ada was contracted to build the present structure at a cost of $1,500.

It stretches 100 feet long and stands 14 feet wide and 12 feet high. Its lattice-work trusses were made of white pine from Greenville.

The use of the brown truss in this bridge as well as the one in Ada is unique to the area. The roof and the sides protect the timbers from rotting. The current roof is covered with cedar shake shingles.

The bridge was extensively repaired in 1945 and in 1994…

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50 Shades of Orchids

Venice offers relaxation and beauty on beach and off shore.


Writer’s encounters: 50 Shades of Orchids

By Emma Palova

Venice, FL- During my annual writer’s retreats in Florida, I always come across a gem; it may be an artist, a breeze, scuba divers or sand castle builders, students of architecture on their spring break. This is my seventh year on the Gulf Coast exploring treasures washed on sea, and not just seashells.

This year, it was the “50 Shades of Orchids” show organized by the Venice Area Orchid Society, (VAOS) an affiliate of the American Orchid Society.

50 Shades of Orchids in Venice 50 Shades of Orchids in Venice

The VAOS is celebrating 50 years of existence. The show is put on at the height of the tourist season and it attracts 3,500 visitors annually and premier growers.

Perhaps, the most striking upon entering the exhibit hall at the Venice Community Center was the unexpected fragrance filtering in from all corners. I am a lifelong lover…

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Best Shop in Bordeaux

Follow us with WordPress colleague redstuffdan on our adventures through Bordeaux named as the 2nd place to visit in the world by the New York Times.



All photographs in this blog are © copyright redstuffdan and cannot be reproduced without his written permission and consent – All rights reserved. 2016

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