Cherry blossoms in D.C.

Springtime in Washington D.C.

By Sarah Harmon

EW Emma’s Writings

EW writer Sarah Harmon stops in Washington D.C. for cherry blossom time.
EW writer Sarah Harmon stops in Washington D.C. for cherry blossom time.

Washington D.C.- For Washingtonians, it isn’t the robin’s arrival that heralds the spring. In the District of Columbia, it’s all about the cherry blossoms, and, of course, the hoards of accompanying tourists. The infamous trees were a gift from Japan in 1912 and visitors celebrate them annually as a gesture of friendship between the two countries. The week or so that they are in full bloom is undoubtedly the most beautiful week of the year in the nation’s capital. They surround the Tidal Basin, framing the Jefferson, Martin Luther King Jr, and Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorials against an azure blue sky.

Cherry blossoms in Washington D.C
Cherry blossoms in Washington D.C

Over the years, the National Cherry Blossom Festival has expanded to include far more than just a leisurely stroll through the trees. “Let’s go fly a kite” takes on a whole new meaning on the day of the National Kite Festival, a day done in cooperation with the Cherry Blossom Festival. Kites of every size, color, and shape imaginable fill the National Mall, stretching over a mile from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial. Free fitness classes, such as yoga, in front of the Washington Monument are offered on Saturdays and often include several hundred participants. Paddle boats are also available to get a different perspective on the trees and popular memorials while getting a little exercise at the same time.

Cherry blossoms in Washington D.C.
Cherry blossoms in Washington D.C.

Cherry Blossom Princesses are selected from each state to come to Washington to represent their homes and have a chance at becoming the randomly selected Cherry Blossom Queen. The Queen makes a trip to Japan later in the year as a special ambassador for the United States. The 2011 Cherry Blossom Queen arrived in Tokyo not long after the recent tsunami devastated the country. She felt extremely honored to have that opportunity and was very touched by the warm welcome she received despite the incredible tragedy the Japanese had experienced. Another former Cherry Blossom Princess is the wife of the Librarian of Congress. She still looks back fondly at her tenure as a Princess even though decades have passed since then.

Kite festival in Washington D.C.
Kite festival in Washington D.C.


The last weekend of the three-week festival includes a fabulous parade with elaborate floats, celebrity entertainers, and giant helium balloons. Afterward, spectators can join in a day long celebration of Japanese culture. As if that weren’t enough, the capstone of the evening is a spectacular fireworks display over the Tidal Basin. For anyone lucky enough to experience it, it’s no wonder the National Cherry Blossom Festival is called “The Nation’s Greatest Springtime Celebration!”

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Lincoln Tribute


Writer Sarah Harmon participates in the Lincoln Tribute

Note: The article is Sarah Harmon’s account of the two-day Lincoln Tribute held in Washington D.C. at the Ford’s Theatre this week.

“The Lincoln Tribute was definitely unforgettable and I am so glad I was able to experience it,” Harmon said.

Sarah Harmon EW writer Sarah Harmon in Paris

Lincoln Tribute, 150 anniversary

By Sarah Harmon

EW Emma’s Writings

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Vesele velikonoce, Happy Easter 2015

Read about Czech Easter customs and pastries.


Preji vsem zakaznicim vesele velikonoce 2015. I wish a very happy Easter to all my customers, friends and family.

Velikonocni dekorace. Easter decorations. Velikonocni dekorace.
Easter decorations.

Here is a poem dedicated to spring. Basen jara. For translation use Google translate.

Prislo jaro,slunce sviti,
v zahradach je plno kviti.
Co to ptaci stebetaji,
ze mi tady radi daji,
malovana vajicka,
co jim snesla slepicka.
Velikonoce patri k vyznamnym krestanskym svatkum,ale jsou i oslavou jara a noveho zivota. V domácnostech se stále jeste udrzuji zvyky,peceni beranka,mazance a cukrovi. Zdobi se vajicka,pletou se pomlazky,lide si zdobi byty jarnimi symboly a kvetinami. posilaji velikonocni prani, anebo poradaji jarni  pochody do prirody.Dalsi symboly jara jsou zajicek,kuratko a kocicky.

Czech kolache Famous wedding kolache by CJ Aunt Jarmilka

Na Velikonocni pondeli  chlapci a muzi chodi vymrskat devcata a  zeny pomlazkou a dostanou za to vysluzku.Tam kde se udrzuji kroje,se vse odehrava v krojich.

Nabizi se klasicke kolace, slivovice a vajicka.


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